19 September 2009

First experience with norwegian cinema

At Wednesday it was my birthday so we decided to spend this time a little different than ordinary days. So we went to cinema. At this day in our town was played only "Inglourious Basterds".
We asked ticket seller at Storstova (name of our cinema) if this movie is with original sound (while we are not exactly fluent in Norwegian yet) he said YES but he was shifty-smiling...

When we start watching we have realized there is 40% French, 40% German, only 18% English and 2% Italian and Norwegian subtitles of course. We were totally surprised. We didn't expected that American film will be with other than English language.
So... My husband knows little German, I know little French both we are reading little Norwegian... Only with Italian we had no idea what they were talking about, but anyway it was a lot of fun. And now we knew why ticket seller was so shifty-smiling...
Anyway we've enjoyed this movie really, when we get out of cinema we were laughing all the time on the way to home. We were laughing at oneselfs!

27 February 2009

Strange gadgets

I used to thought that exist a lot of different kind of knives: to bread, to fishes, to cheeses. I'm not marvel of ice-cream spoon, sandwich box, electric machine to foaming milk or even blower to drying shoes. But Norwegian take delight in gadgets which have only one application or there are almost completely useless. You can find these gadgets in megastores or everyday fliers.
For example, electric machine to peeling potetoes. It don't peel any other stuff besides potetoes, it's quite big and cumbersome and... is it truly necessary...? All right, maybe someone used to eating potatoes in every meal.
But what do you say about apple cutter? I can guarantee that this stuff doesn't cut any other fruit. Otherwise it waste a lot of tasty apple around core!
Anyway my absolute favourite is... box for... banana!!! Because obviously all bananas are this same lenght and this same curved, of course. But only in Norway, I think.

17 January 2009

Myth no.1: in Norway is cold

On 23th November in the Rogaland province, early in the morning snow began to fall. To the midday it was already about half meter and it still was snowing. At 3 p.m. it couldn't be seen even tip of your nose through the rage snowstorm. On that day it fell almost one meter of white fluff. It was the first snow this winter. Chances are it will be hard season. The day after it was just beautiful and we spend whole day making snowman, paddling in a snowdrift and getting cold feet.

In the 25th November morning there was no sign of snow. Only soppy meadows and overflowing river. Since then snow hasn't appeared. From time to time there were mornings when on the balcony handrail frost was slightly fatter than usual but even it disappear before midday. I saw snow only on the summits of nearby mountains and on christmas trees at stores but I thing it wasn't real...
So, it's half of January and the temperature falters from -1C to +10C during the day. I'm taking comfort that March is the coolest month here - probably -5C to 0C... So, is Norway cold for sure? Well... Certainly not whole!

31 December 2008

Norwegian pragmatism

Norway is surprising for us by its pragmatism. Couple days ago I was looking at Norwegian's auctions service Qxl.no and I found advertisment of one of the sellers. This seller has quite wide choice in surprising quantity like for norwegian standarts. LCD TVs, couple thausands of teddy bears, canoes and many more. You could think that this seller hides an shop with really wide assortment - well not exactly. The seller is customs office from Friedrikstad and objects on auctions were requisitioned. Whole income from sold property is taken into country income.

The customs office instead waisting money for storing and destroying this property decided to make money on it.

Bellow You will find address to this seller's auctions. Maybe You will find something form You?


27 December 2008

Norwegian’s Christmas table

On the Norwegian’s Christmas table you can find one of three traditional dishes - pinnekjøtt, lutefisk or svineribbe.

Pinnekjøtt is more popular in the western parts of Norway. It's made from air-dried and salted lamb ribs (sometimes smoked either). The day before the preparation of the meal steep them in cold water. Then ribs are steamed 3-4 hours or roast this same time. Pinnekjøtt is usually served with kålrabistappe (rutabaga rubbed into a paste) and potatoes. With all my heart I can recommend you this delicate and aromatic meet.

Lutefisk is high controversial meal. Norwegian writers are making fun of it. Why? Because lutefisk is saturate with poison (caustic soda or potash lye) - don't ask me why. Internet said that lutefisk is served in all Norway but I don't know even one Norwegian who ate it. Maybe reason is fear of death ;) but personally I think that reason is time-consuming preparation (Norwegians are culinary layabout). If you want to prepare lutefisk you have to buy air-dried or salted whitefish (cod for example), then you have to steep it in cold water for five to six days, next two days in caustic soda or potash lye and then four to six days in cold water again. It is ready to be cooked (only 20 minutes). Probably fish itself has very delicate taste (or it's even no taste at all :)) so it's served with lafse (specific pancake which has to much variants for me :)), bacon, mustard.

Svineribbe is meat parts of pork ribs. This is look like cuboid (5x5x5cm) which is made from leather, a lot of fat below and meat of course. :) Svineribbe is served with cut red beet or cranberry and potatoes. Fat is melt in mouth and leather is lovely crisp, because meat is beaked in oven a lot of hours. For me Svineribbe doesn't look good but taste is surprisingly nice.

In this year we decided to make pinnekjøtt in our Christmas Eve. The whole dinner was perfect.

Recipe for pinnekjøtt made in oven
1. Buy nice meat in butcher's not in supermarket
2. Steep meat in cold water for 24 hours. If you don't have so much time then you can use warm water and change it every 1 hour
3. Ribs pack into tinfoil and put it to ovenproof container
4. Put it to oven for 200C, 40 minutes
5. Down temperature to 125-140C for next 90-130 minutes
6. Remove container from oven and spool off tinfoil, then spill water from container (you can used it to potatoes)
7. Without tinfoil put container with meat to oven for max temperature (you can use grill function) for 10 minutes.


22 December 2008

Right, left and right again

I wouldn't be surprised if stats had said that major percent of Norwegians had an accident on a road when they were having holidays. Why? It's simply reason - every Norwegian doesn't stop before a street and doesn't look if road is empty or not, he just walk across a zebra. That is because here are very restrictive rules deal with passing pedestrians. The driver who doesn't pass you, when you'er standing next to the zebra, can be punished by 5200 NOK ticket, but the one who drive before you when you're on the zeba already, can lose his driving licence.

Interesting thing is (like our Norwegian friend said) if somebody did it to you, you can report his car number to police. Amazing! In Poland there would be a lot of good neighbours who report your number... so you can't have too good...

Then in Norway you can across the zebra with closed eyes. Cars will stop with throwing out the anchor and face's drivers would looking like they feel so sorry... I feel little strange - I used to wait for ages next to crowded road until some polite driver will stop, finally.

But don't completely forget about what we lernt at school - before crossing the street look right, left and right again - because we must remember: there are more and more immigrants here. Specially I recommend you to watch out for green Kolumbus buses...

27 November 2008

Unwanted carrots

Unwanted carrots have laid on the field for almost three weeks. There are extremely overweight or Siamese twins and aren't long enough. These ideal and carroty shape carrots was reaped immediately. There is even much more this "ugly" carrots than this "nice" ones. No-one wants "ugly" carrots, they lay down on the ground in silence and they're mouldering. Poor, unwanted carrots...
At the store you can find only perfectly straight and specific long carrots. So it isn't surprising that it cost about 17 NOK per kilogram when not much carrots are eatable (in norwegian opinion, of course). Rumour has said that in some parts of country, there're places where you can sell "ugly" carrots. But propably we don't have one in here or price is so low that it's not worth to carry carrots there. Who knows maybe on next harvest, "ugly" carrots will find people which adopt them...

16 October 2008


I've never known how to strart writing... Concise and brilliant beginning which will invite You to read more, would be perfect. But I'm not a good writer (especially in english :)) so maybe I'll start little officially and I'll introduce myself. My name is Ania. With my husband Rafał and our sweet girl-dog Boa, we moved from Poland to so strange for us, Norway.
On this blog we'll be describe You our struggle with new reality and different culture.
Norway - how will it be? We'll see...