31 December 2008

Norwegian pragmatism

Norway is surprising for us by its pragmatism. Couple days ago I was looking at Norwegian's auctions service Qxl.no and I found advertisment of one of the sellers. This seller has quite wide choice in surprising quantity like for norwegian standarts. LCD TVs, couple thausands of teddy bears, canoes and many more. You could think that this seller hides an shop with really wide assortment - well not exactly. The seller is customs office from Friedrikstad and objects on auctions were requisitioned. Whole income from sold property is taken into country income.

The customs office instead waisting money for storing and destroying this property decided to make money on it.

Bellow You will find address to this seller's auctions. Maybe You will find something form You?


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My Castle in Spain said...

Hi Anna,

i just wanted to drop by and say hello.
I'm very curious about Norway so i will come and visit you more !
keep up blogging and hope it's not too cold over there !