22 December 2008

Right, left and right again

I wouldn't be surprised if stats had said that major percent of Norwegians had an accident on a road when they were having holidays. Why? It's simply reason - every Norwegian doesn't stop before a street and doesn't look if road is empty or not, he just walk across a zebra. That is because here are very restrictive rules deal with passing pedestrians. The driver who doesn't pass you, when you'er standing next to the zebra, can be punished by 5200 NOK ticket, but the one who drive before you when you're on the zeba already, can lose his driving licence.

Interesting thing is (like our Norwegian friend said) if somebody did it to you, you can report his car number to police. Amazing! In Poland there would be a lot of good neighbours who report your number... so you can't have too good...

Then in Norway you can across the zebra with closed eyes. Cars will stop with throwing out the anchor and face's drivers would looking like they feel so sorry... I feel little strange - I used to wait for ages next to crowded road until some polite driver will stop, finally.

But don't completely forget about what we lernt at school - before crossing the street look right, left and right again - because we must remember: there are more and more immigrants here. Specially I recommend you to watch out for green Kolumbus buses...

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