17 January 2009

Myth no.1: in Norway is cold

On 23th November in the Rogaland province, early in the morning snow began to fall. To the midday it was already about half meter and it still was snowing. At 3 p.m. it couldn't be seen even tip of your nose through the rage snowstorm. On that day it fell almost one meter of white fluff. It was the first snow this winter. Chances are it will be hard season. The day after it was just beautiful and we spend whole day making snowman, paddling in a snowdrift and getting cold feet.

In the 25th November morning there was no sign of snow. Only soppy meadows and overflowing river. Since then snow hasn't appeared. From time to time there were mornings when on the balcony handrail frost was slightly fatter than usual but even it disappear before midday. I saw snow only on the summits of nearby mountains and on christmas trees at stores but I thing it wasn't real...
So, it's half of January and the temperature falters from -1C to +10C during the day. I'm taking comfort that March is the coolest month here - probably -5C to 0C... So, is Norway cold for sure? Well... Certainly not whole!

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