27 February 2009

Strange gadgets

I used to thought that exist a lot of different kind of knives: to bread, to fishes, to cheeses. I'm not marvel of ice-cream spoon, sandwich box, electric machine to foaming milk or even blower to drying shoes. But Norwegian take delight in gadgets which have only one application or there are almost completely useless. You can find these gadgets in megastores or everyday fliers.
For example, electric machine to peeling potetoes. It don't peel any other stuff besides potetoes, it's quite big and cumbersome and... is it truly necessary...? All right, maybe someone used to eating potatoes in every meal.
But what do you say about apple cutter? I can guarantee that this stuff doesn't cut any other fruit. Otherwise it waste a lot of tasty apple around core!
Anyway my absolute favourite is... box for... banana!!! Because obviously all bananas are this same lenght and this same curved, of course. But only in Norway, I think.